Septic Systems

Licensed Contractor for Septic Systems

There are many responsibilities when it comes to owning a house and while common things such as the roof, electrical or appliances are commonly talked about, one item that is more of an after thought is the septic system.

Much like your car, to keep your septic performing at optimum levels, it needs to be regularly maintained and serviced. This is why Farrugia Grading & Construction comes in. Whether you need a new septic system installed, an existing repaired, or need simple maintenance, we are available to assist you! If you are looking for affordable and reliable septic service, give us a call today at 252-732-6395!

Some Do's and Don'ts for maintaining your septic system


  • Regularly inspect and maintain your septic system
  • Pump your septic tank as needed
  • Keep your septic tank lids closed and secured
  • Be water-wise
  • Direct water from land and roof drains away from the drainfield
  • Landscape with love
  • Keep septic tank lids easily accessible


  • Use a garbage disposal
  • Flush anything except toilet paper into your septic system
  • Put household chemicals down the drain
  • Park cars and trucks on your drainfield, reserve area, or septic tank
  • Use septic tank additives
  • Drain water from hot tubs into your septic system